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Julia “Donkey” Allison Chat Highlights

March 28, 2010
  • Did not, in fact, quit blogging, as she is under contract. To start blogging again on Monday.
  • Talked about her Aspen trip, relationship with PK was over before that.
  • Admitted she should look into therapy, also admitted to use of certain pharmaceuticals.
  • Admitted to 2 nose jobs, as well as to use of Restalyne, all at the ripe age of 29.
  • Avoided the “hard hitting questions” allowed through by the mods.
  • Talked vaguely about Hipster Lawyer, PK, et al.
  • Painted her door pink at Georgetown, and may or may not have had her door peed on.
  • Is a pescatarian, consumed chicken broth “once!”. Seems unaware as to what the term entails.
  • A “friend” had her password to her vimeo videos with PK, she was the one who allegedly made them public.
  • Says she was “hacked”, and that that is why the IP address of the person who unmasked PK matched hers. Does not seem to be aware of how IP addresses work.
  • Doesn’t appreciate being called donkey.
  • With the help of Randi Z., violated Facebook TOS by having “friend requests” converted into Fans on her page. Way to go, Marky Z.
  • Donkey: “and so – the reason I had the mental breakdown was this: I lost Jordan, then I found out Michael, the love of my life, was engaged to the girl he started dating because I had ‘to be single for a while before we could be together’, then PK dumped me. I’m shocked I’m still amongst the breathing here”

Anything I missed? Hit up the comments. Xoxo.